In August 2023 we parteciped with A-sign, a software house which is our partner, in the Re-Centre Eurocluster’s open call and we  passed the selection.
In this project we have to select the most widespread MDFS(1), develop some APIs(2) to load data automatically on the Ariadne platform and test them.
We also need to identify two reference markets, contacting at least 12 companies and starting a collaboration with at least 4 of them.
By doing so,  we can get feedback from the companies.
A-sign will help us in the technical development of this project and will develop the apis.
They are developing software solutions for several engineering domains (e.g. aereospace,naval, telecommunications…).
Green Synergy cluster is the Recentre partner that monitors our project’s implementation.

We started to work on this project in mid – September 2023 and we will finish at the end of May.

1) MDFs are a list of substances within a particular product: i.e. microchips, leds, resistors
2) APIs are a way for two or more computer programs or components to communicate with each other.