We digitalize sustainability.

Ariadne is a web platform created to introduce and improve sustainability in the Electric Electronic Equipment market and in e-Waste management.

In a world where consumers constantly look for more recyclable devices, Electric and Electronic producers are failing to address their growing demand. That’s why Futuredata created the Ariadne Web Platform.

Ariadne tells you where, what and how many materials are present in electronic devices to improve selection and material recovery once the device has reached the end of its life.

With Ariadne it will be possible to recover critical raw materials for industry supply chain with relevant economic importance, so as to reduce natural resource consumption and environmental impact.

A more sustainable future.

Electronic components, rare earths, critical materials: nothing lasts forever.
Whenever we throw away computers, cell phones or TVs, we are giving up a small fortune that is poorly
exploited. Thanks to the Ariadne project we will turn that into a treasure trove.

Do more with less

 We want to help your business to become more sustainable. We can either extend your
product life, as well as that of its components, or we can efficiently recycle the materials products are made of. Tell us what your needs are, and we will find a solution. J

Be part of the change

Be part of the change. We are not alone: we are building a community that cares about our planet and that
is striving to create a better future. Join the current of change! Contribute towards building sustainability
of the future. Join the stream!

Our idea: an innovative, original service that saves the value present in electric and electronic devices adding value to the product.

We offer Producers the opportunity to join a circuit in which they make a visible contribution to reducing the consumption of natural resources to safeguard the environment. It is Corporate Social Responsibility. The advantages are:

  • Improvement of ethical stock market indices
  • Reduction of the WEEE / Ecodesign contribution
  • Verification of compliance with RoHS, REACH and other product regulations
  • Continuous improvement required by ISO standards

We offer Consumers who recognize the ARIADNE brand on EEE products to have:

  • Informed and aware purchases
  • Ethical value of the materials used
  • Support for the circular economy

We provide Recyclers with access to organized information on EEE products: what, where and how much can be recovered for the benefit of:

  • Greater number of materials
  • More effective refining
  • Fair value of WEEE