Ariadne data-driven Materials recovery system is one of the Futuredata projects.
Just like the legendary thread which enabled Theseus to escape from the
minotaur’s labyrinth, Ariadne’s green thread will enable us to find our way through
the ‘labyrinth’ of materials present inside a new Electric or Electronic device (EEE).
AGTP is an application that enables us to know what, where and in what quantity
materials are present in an EEE, in order to improve selection, processing and
recycling, once the device has reached end of life, becoming WEEE (Waste
Electronic Electrical Equipment). This new organisation of “circular management”
based on the principle of Data Driven Recycling (DDR).
AGTP plans to overcome the bottleneck due to lack of information regarding the
chemical elements contained in an EEE and those necessary for their salvaging.
Infact, knowing exactly what, where and the quantity of materials present in any
specific electronic device will make the management and separation of such
materials more selective thanks to collaborative robots. AGTP will soon carry out a
circular economy process involving producers, consumers and recyclers more than