On 15th of May we finished the Re-centre Project and , with A-sign’s collaboration, we updated Ariadne’s project. In particular we did these jobs:

  • We analyzed the MDF-S1 formats that companies use: we looked for different types of MDF-S, so as to enable the software to upload more files.Some manufacturers write the MDF-S with the standard IPC 1752. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers use this standard, but they write MDF-S with their own procedure and we have to upload these MDF-S in our database too; so we sent all data to A-SIGN.
  • A-sign developed an API2 system for us that enabled us to import automatically MDfs of partner companies automatically and we tested it.
  • We analyzed the market of E-Waste manufacturers and we found two references markets.
  • We contacted some companies (at least 20) and with some of them, we started a collaboration: they gave us the MDFs of some of their products.

Thanks to Eurocluster for the precious help in the project.

We are satisfied with what we have achieved and we hope to collaborate again in the future.

MDFS: a document that contains informations of the materials that are inside a product

API: is a way for two or more computer programs or components to communicate with each other